Violin Concert

What a lovely concert the Year 5 children performed for the school this afternoon! They have been learning to play the violin all term and performed a variety of pieces, both with and without their bows. It was fantastic to see how focussed they were whilst playing and to hear the wonderful sound they made as a group!



We hope all you fantastic, energetic, active children are having a lovely, more relaxing weekend.

We miss you all already – what an amazing experience we shared at Fairthorne!

There are so many photos that we have created an album on Flickr so that you can download and keep the pictures of you and your friends to keep forever.  Just follow the link below

Fairthorne pics

There are some photos of the whole group and some of my group – Mrs Lea will add extra of just her group soon- watch this space!!

We were so thrilled that you all had a good go at everything – many of you really overcame your fears and we are so proud of you all for pushing yourselves to the limit and always encouraging each other.

We were particularly proud of you wonderfully kind, thoughtful incredible children in the way that you involved the other school in your singing.  At the time you didn’t realise how much that meant to those children – many of whom are not able to do all the fun things we take for granted – but you made their day. We were absolutely bursting with pride and the teachers of those children have asked us to thank you for your kindness.

See you next week


Bolderwood Trip

Year 5 had a fantastic time learning about the New Forest at Bolderwood on Tuesday.  We found out about how the forest is used by humans and animals, how it is looked after and protected. The children were very excited to see the deer, from the viewing point. They also thoroughly enjoyed making their ‘Guardians of The Forest’, as well as homes for them.


Who lives in a house like this?


The Minpins do!

Year 5 have begun their geography topic, ‘Secrets of the New Forest’, by building homes for Roald Dahl’s tiny Minpins. Their homes had to have particular features, such as providing shelter and could be made only from natural materials. The children built the houses in our very own Minpin forest (aka The Glade). Of course, the homes needed Minpins, which the children made using wooden pegs! What a creative and thoughtful class; I think we may have some future architects and fashion designers!